Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tebra?

Tebra is the complete operating system for practice success. As leaders in clinical, financial, and practice growth technology, Kareo and PatientPop have joined forces as Tebra to provide independent practices with digital tools and support to thrive in a new era of healthcare.

What products does Tebra offer?

Independent practices need complete solutions to maximize patient and provider well-being. While each Tebra product is purpose-built to modernize and optimize every step of the patient-practice journey, the combined platform delivers a complete operating system that provides added value for providers and patients alike. 

Why did I receive this information?

An industry expert felt like Tebra could benefit your medical business, so they shared details about Tebra's product offerings. 

How do I get in touch with Tebra directly to learn more?

You can visit to learn about our integrated software platform or call us directly at 866-938-3272.